Patch 131: Casino One Suite Update - TV Slots🎰 + More!

Your Casino One Suite just got a lot more fun! As of today, you can now play your favorite slot games right on your Suite TV! There are four slot games to play today, but stay tuned for more slot games on your TV screen in future patches.

New Features

NEW Poker Game Mode: Pot Limit Omaha! (VR Only)

Pot Limit Omaha Feature: Run it Twice!

NEW Slot: Immortal Riches Bounty of Blood!

Player Suite: Slots on the Suite TV!

Upcoming content

Existing Features / Modifications

Rocket Rush Standalone available on PC

New Music available in: Slots, Casino, Poker Rooms, Saloon (2 additional tracks) and Casino One Suite.

Improved Prop impact sounds

Improved size of the TNT All-in Chip

Bug Fixes

PC: Fixed using the "Enter" key to confirm password during sign-in. 

PC: Fixed Raising / going All-in while players’ chips are still moving, causing UI bugs.

Fixed getting stuck in perpetual loading when attempting to load into a Spin & Go game.

Various other bug fixes

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