Cammy & Guile Launch!


Prepare for battle: New challengers, Cammy and Guile, enter the arena! 🕹️

Round 3. Fight! Vegas Infinite welcomes two more iconic characters from the Street Fighter™ universe – Cammy and Guile! Prepare for an epic showdown as these legends make their grand entrance!

💥 Dive into Delta Red: Cammy arrives! 💥

Step into the shoes of the elite Delta Red operative with the $19.99 Cammy Pack! This offering is packed with dynamic content, including the Cammy Ducky and her exclusive Cardback, showcasing her beautiful English Manor. Equip her iconic Beret & Wig to capture her signature look, and get ready to throw some punches with her fierce Gauntlets. Make a grand entrance with the Spiral Arrow Entrance/Exit Effects. Plus, dominate the tables with 300k Chips!

Embrace the Delta Red!

🦅 Unleash the Sonic Boom: Guile is here! 🦅

Command the battlefield with Guile’s $19.99 Pack. Start with 300k chips and make a patriotic entrance with Guile's Flash Kick and fireworks. Equip his legendary Wig, hair Switchblade Comb, and dual Dog Tags. With these dog tags equipped, spread your arms wide with your fists closed to charge up, then cross your arms and unleash the Sonic Boom! Add the Guile Ducky and Air Force Base Cardback to complete your collection. Strengthen your Vegas Infinite experience with these powerful items!

Rule the skies

Unbeatable clash: Cammy & Guile Bundle!

Why settle for one when you can have both? Experience the ultimate showdown with the Cammy & Guile Bundle, available exclusively onMeta Quest for just $34.99. This extraordinary offer delivers double the content and double the excitement. Don’t let this deal slip away!

Let the battle begin!

🥊 Round 3 of the VS Challenge: Cammy vs Guile

Round 3 of the VS Challenge is here! Cammy clashes with Guile in the latest round of the Street Fighter VS Challenge. The stakes are higher than ever with brand-new Champion Belts awarded to the top 10 players on the winning team! Choose your fighter and battle it out for exclusive rewards!

Team Guile?
Team Cammy?

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